Daniel Kolossa | Head of Strategy


early bird, no worms

Daniel performs an internet sorcery that we know isn’t really magic but might as well be. He is an expert in the syndication and management of integrated media, has an uncanny ability to think tactically and to tailor campaigns and adapt platforms to deliver the best results possible. In a nutshell: Dan makes sure that your brand and product get the engagement they need and deserve.

Not only by real people, but the people wanting to do so.

Daniel doesn’t have social media links to provide because he doesn’t exist in the mortal world. We’re not saying Daniel is the Singularity, but it is worth noting that Elon Musk refuses to endorse him, so ruminate on that one. 

Dan does have LinkedIn though

Previous work and clients include Warner Bros, Nu Metro, Woolworths, Financial Times, Red Bull, Distell and more.