On The Go Tours is a leading global tour operator.

Their #FeelGood Photography Competition encouraged travellers to submit their inspirational travel photos to win 1 of 8 holidays to destinations around the World.

Over the years On The Go Tours has grown into a small yet global tour company, with a purposeful local ethos. True to their own travels, authenticity is core to their holidays. On The Go Tours would love you to experience a country the way it really is, with people who live there and know it inside out. To them, this makes the difference between a great holiday and a truly memorable one.


We managed to attain a variety of goals by implementing a single campaign focused on user generated content: I Feel Good.

  Photo entries were populated into a mosaic on the website.

Photo entries were populated into a mosaic on the website.

  1. We gathered thousands of high quality submissions to populate On The Go Tours’ website with, now and in the future. Furthermore, we are able to utilise this content in marketing activity going forward, i.e. banners, social content, etc.
  2. Built a vast CRM database of email addresses for On The Go Tours to market to in the future ­ 6,500 email addresses to date.
  3. Grow a library of content to establish a presence on Instagram, one of the primary hubs online for travel inspiration.

For us, as On The Go Tours’ performance partner, this was an especially poignant issue. We need to PROMOTE the brand and are answerable for ROI, so fresh content is a must.

But how does one get hold of such content? Either one sends a professional photographer on a plethora of tours, which is expensive, or one spends money on stock footage, which is regurgitated, overused and equally expensive.

What we needed was real imagery, imagery that speaks to what On The Go Tours stands, and is known, for: authenticity. We sought to stick to this core value. We needed to envision a campaign that not only drove content, but quality content that is focused on true and real travellers’ experiences. Travel is sold via inspiration. Make people feel like a destination can recharge them, can revitalise them and ignite their passion to travel and you’re golden.

We have a passion for travel, and we know you do too. So... we themed and conceptualised the competition around people sharing their travel inspiration, summarised into three short words: I Feel Good.



I Feel Good was hosted on a page on the domain ­ onthegotours.com/feelgood.

Each user submission is checked manually for it’s quality and sorted into the different destinations where people have travelled and submitted photos from.

People were encouraged to submit photos representative of the country they were taken in, i.e. be it of landscapes, sites, people, wildlife, etc. For example, a photo of oneself at a swimming pool or with friends in a nondescript cafe would not qualify. This ensured that the vast majority of submissions were, in fact, usable for the objectives we had set out for ourselves. On The Go Tours retains the right to use the imagery for future marketing purposes, crediting people, of course, as well as gathering a massive email database for CRM purposes and marketing.

  1 of the 8 #FeelGood photography competition winners, Andrew Henning from the UK.

1 of the 8 #FeelGood photography competition winners, Andrew Henning from the UK.

A person:

  • Enters their details
  • Selects the trip they would love to win
  • Uploads their best photo from their travels
  • Writes a few words about their experience
  • How they felt when travelling

The prize? A holiday including airfare to see one of the world’s amazing wonders.

A short list of finalists were selected from all entrants, based on the quality of photographs submitted, as judged by the management at On The Go Tours. The number of votes that photo entries received went towards short listing of the finalists, but weren’t the only measure used.

For example, a stunning photograph that truly evokes a sense of travel, emotion and the destination the photo was taken in, can still make the short list even though this entry might not be the most popular in terms of votes.

The only expenditure came in the form of building the /feelgood page and the prize. On The Go Tours has amazing relationships with their suppliers in the destinations and get highly reduced costs.On the Go Tours put eight awe inspired holidays on offer ­ and the prizes include not just a fabulous tour for two, but international flights and taxes as well!

The winners will be taking high res photographs on their tour and when they return from their holiday, they will be asked to blog about their experience, resulting in even more PR for On The Go Tours.



  • 4,500 approved submissions to date, which equate to 4,500 high quality, travel related images as well as email addresses for the CRM team to engage with.
  • 2,000 disapproved entries, which equate to a further 2,000 email addresses for the CRM team to engage with.
“I Feel Good was a great success for us! Our CRM team has been nothing but inundated since IFG started.

As a travel company, we are always in dire need of fresh content that is able to inspire people. Usually, we have to resort to either utilising stock imagery, which comes at a premium price, or send professionals on our tours, for which the costs certainly add up too.

Feel Good provided great content in droves. Not only have we been receiving amazingly beautiful submissions, but we are we able to engage people with our brand via genuine conversation. The community response has been astounding and, quite honestly, we weren’t expecting such a high calibre of content generated by regular travelers!”

Jay Lakshman | CEO On The Go Tours

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