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Exploring madagascar

South African surfers Slade Prestwich, Frank Solomon and Grant 'Twiggy' Baker set out on an adventure to Africa's most isolated country, Madagascar, to map, navigate and find their own piece of blue-water paradise.

Watch the 24 minute documentary on Red Bull TV.

Exploring Madagascar featured on the front page and main insert of the Red Bulletin magazine, August 2015.

For those willing to go beyond, this crowded world still holds some undiscovered surf spots. Exploring Madagascar follows the diverse crew – hotshot neo pro Slade, big wave world champ Twiggy and Frank the tube hunter, on an expedition way out of their comfort zones.

The campaign featured on red Bull TV, SABC, GRINDTV, zigzag, quiksilver and even British Airways in-flight entertainment.

Madagascar is just a short hop from South Africa, so its wave riches are well known. The more accessible spots down south, anyway. The north is wild... Pathless jungles, croc-infested rivers and uncharted reefs.

Tents, jungles and crocodiles were far removed from what our heroes were used to. Surf adventurers of today have a myriad of technology at their disposal. But, even with swell maps, buoy readings, detailed long-range weather forecasts and the ability to investigate a new area in three dimensions with Google Earth, going somewhere no other surfers have ever been before, remains a gamble. How much of a gamble? Watch the documentary.

Besides doing all the post-production on the documentary, WE created additional supporting content to launch the Campaign. This included Action clips, Trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, gifs and social media content.

The documentary was directed by Jason Hearn. Iconic worked on all the post-production of the documentary. However, we didn't stop there. We created additional content to support the campaign, along with a tailored media strategy to promote the digital content and documentary itself across digital channels.

“We hiked up a mountain to get some vantage from where to check out the reefs. I think it was Frank’s idea,” explains Slade. “On the way up we met a local guy who told us he hadn’t seen outsiders in years.”
“He had no idea what surfing was. When he saw my surfboard he thought it was a table. He was blown away that we used it to ride waves,” Slade says.

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