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Graffiti artist, Falko One has travelled the world with his art. But this project hits closer to home. He's heading through South Africa, painting homes in rural towns.

His mission: To change the locals’ perception of value.

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Falko has itchy feet. Recently his street art has taken him from his beloved Cape Town to Singapore, Dubai and beyond. These are passport stamps and experiences he loves collecting, but perhaps too far from who he really is.

Once Upon a Town is an artistic journey through South Africa, blending graffiti street art into the intricate smaller communities which span over the country.

Falko, 43, grew up in Mitchells Plain and makes a living as an international street artist. His work enhances stark concrete homes and steel shacks, isolated against the backdrop of the landscape’s beauty and the country’s social complexities.

Testimony to art’s universal language – homeowners queued up to have their stark homes painted by Falko.

Falko's art-trail across these far-flung towns leaves not only decorated walls in its dusty wake – but also a sense of pride and value in the communities that live there.

  A article on the project published in the South African newspaper, Cape Times. December 3, 2015

A article on the project published in the South African newspaper, Cape Times. December 3, 2015

The series was a hit, published on local blogs and websites including 10and5, Graffiti South Africa, We Are Awesome, Getaway and a handful of South African news publications.

We travelled around South Africa over the course of one year and produced a 5 part series and 24 minute documentary for Red Bull TV. Stops included Riebeek West, Garies, Mount Frere, Underberg and the highlight of the the journey visiting the San Community in Kalahari Desert.

It was an incredibly rewarding journey to film and edit the documentary content, sponsored by Red Bull South Africa.


The full journey across the country is documented on the Red Bull South Africa website. Follow Falko One on Instagram for more.

Watch the series and full documentary on Red Bull TV.

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