The Making of Red Bull's "Conquer the Cape" ft Mad Mike Whiddett!

Earlier this week, Red Bull launched "Conquer the Cape", featuring New Zealand-born drift driver "Mad Mike" Whiddett drifting through our very own Middle Earth: Franschoek Pass.

While of course it's in the nature of finished projects to make "death-defying" look like "flipping flapjacks", Iconic's rad video team was on the behind-the-scenes crew to capture the scale and effort it took to get the video to look the way it did. 

Like picking up that Mike burns through 60 tyres a day for a shoot like this. Or burns up between 200-300 litres of fuel. Or can only drift about three corners till the tyres give out.

Guerilla-BTS footage shot by Deon van Zyl and Kevin Schnider.

Watch the full Conquer the Cape drift film here - kudos to the team at Silver Bullet Productions for pulling of a very difficult stun and shoot with extremely limited time and more than a few ah, minor technical difficulties

Edited by Alex Fynn.

Graded by Dylan Wrankmore.

Audio mastering by Ross McDonald

Nice, nice.