The Birthening

Scene: Daybreak. A placid ocean, gently humming and sloshing its waters. Some stray gulls dip into and out of the choppy surface, screeching their raggedy gull melodies.

Terribly and without warning, like some naked chip-encrusted leviathan, Iconic Collective rears its pale belly from the secret back-end of the Internet, blinking in the erupting light of the sun.

Our site is live. It is temporarily worn out from the birthing, but invigorated by the process as it takes in its surroundings. The Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo links are all working. We’re picturing it a bit like when Tetsuo becomes that blobby robot tentacle-monster in Akira, but less bent and intent on destroying the world; more into making really cool stuff. Like if Tetsuo was just gearing up to go shoot some rad videos and grow many arms to manage the hell out of a PPC campaign. That’s our website: but, a lot slicker. Like Kaneda’s motorbike.

Did we lose you there? Let’s start again: hi, we’re Iconic Collective, and we wanted to make a memorable impression as our first blog post. I mean, we could re-hash what you can already read on our website about our mission statement doo-dad, but the mission statement dood-dad is always going to be there. So we’re going to go ahead and assume you’re all caught up already and go ahead with our blog.

We’re very excited to be here.