Neato: Google AdWords announces Cross-Device Remarketing

Google Adwords have released a new technology that will “close the loop for advertisers” across multiple devices (essentially, mobile and desktop devices).

Since 2010 Google have focused their efforts on a “mobile-first” world - meaning they’ve been designing and developing systems and technology for things to look good on devices that can use the internet that aren’t your computer.

Following this trend, Google changed their SERPS (Search Results Pages ) last year by stripping right-hand side ads to  get a consistent look across mobile and desktop.

Fast-forwarding to 2016, Google Adwords has made several huge changes recently:

The legacy “Converted Clicks” metric has made room for “Conversions”, which reports on multiple conversions after a single ad click instead of one.

Introducing Expanded Text Ads: which is 2x bigger than current text ads. The new ads are designed to maximize your presence and performance on mobile search results with a bigger headline and an extra long description.

Cross-Device bidding: Now advertisers can set bids on campaigns for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet to accommodate campaign objectives.

Cross-device remarketing for the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Bid Manager can help you target the same ads to the same users as they move between their devices.

Say, for example, we show a user an ad for “discounted flights to New York” on their mobile device during their morning commute. Then late afternoon we can show a similar ad on that user’s desktop with messaging: “get 30% off flights to New York, only for Today.”

The idea is, you don’t want to annoy a user with the same ad, but you can kind of rely on users accessing different, stylized content depending on the device they’re using. As a marketer you can also enable frequency capping to limit the number of times a user sees your ad.

This all plays a role in Google’s Micro-moments, acting on our needs at the right time and the right place. (In short: taking advantage of opportunities by knowing people have the internet in their pockets at all times.)

The cross-device remarketing feature will be available within a few months, so until then there’s nothing to write home about, but we’ll be sure to rub our musk all over it once we get to test it out.