Desks Available for Specialists

Are you a self-motivated freelancer but feeling lonely? No, we’re not coming on to you, we’re asking you if you want to hire a desk with us! Besides, we’re charmed but spoken for.

In all seriousness, Iconic just moved into a cool new office in Woodstock and we have more empty desks than we know what to do with. There’s only so much beer pong we can play in a professional working environment.

This is our attractive office. 

This is our attractive office. 

Hear us out: we get that working in the creative industry means that the kind of freelancing you do is work you could potentially just never stop doing if you work from home. Having office hours for yourself is healthy - it means to you make use of a dedicated time bracket and take breaks and rest when you need to. So you work more productively and get the appropriate rest you need. Google it, it’s proper science and everything.


We’re offering desk space and possible collaborations with:

-Graphic designers

-Editors (Online/ Offline)

-Motion graphics specialists

-Paid media specialists: PPC, booked media, programmatic



-UX / Usability Experts

-Social media managers

-Data Intelligence specialists / consultants



So if you’re a rad my-job-is-hard-to-describe type missing the company of like-minded weirdos because you’re always at home, working, why not speak to us about hiring a desk so you can feel like you have a posse?

Sound good? Email hello (at) and let’s chat.

Ps - We’re across the road from the Woodstock Kitchen and Flat Mountain, so there’s that, too.